What is Aerocare Flight Support NZ like as an employer?

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Aerocare Flight Support NZ
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Pay and roster : We get paid $16 per hour. Menzies Aviation and Air NZ pays you $19 to 20 and they basically do the same job as us. When you have split shifts, it's common to wait for some hours, usually 5 hrs, in the lunch room. Sometimes they'll make you work after you finishing 7 hrs shift. It's very common to be asked to stay back for more work. Aerocare provides us with 6 weeks of roster in advance. They told me it's to allow us to make our schedule in accordance to it... which is a pile of bulls***. Once you entre Aerocare, they tell you it's your responsibility to regularly check your shift. And boy aren't they right. They'll put you to work on the day you are off. All this without even informing us. Hence there really isn't much sense with providing us with 6 weeks of roster in advance. Because they'll change it without asking anyway. Plus, should you tell them that you cannot work on certain day(s) in a week, they'll still put you to work without even consulting you. And it's your job to find someone to cover, despite of you telling them that you aren't available on some specific day(s) in a week. Employees : pretty much the only positive part. Excluding the management, the general workers are very friendly. Management : I honestly don't know how to describe them without being offensive and abusive. They will try to cover up as much as they can. Safety culture : They say and act as if they care about safety. You can laugh that one off. They took months to install new lights inside the high lift trucks. Until then we had to rely on our phones. And the shutter doors on the trucks? Please. I think I'm going to break my back trying to open one of those things. It's no wonder the company has extremely high turnover rate. Just this month alone I think I'm saw 6 or 7 people sublime. In summary, look for a place in Air NZ or Menzies Aviation. 22 Jul 17 starstar half

Minimum wage starting rate compared to what Menzies aviation and Air NZ offer. You do the same job as the other aviation companies but get paid peanuts. Roster is one of the worst I have ever seen. Rostering people who don't have the skills for the particular job. Lots of unpaid split shifts. Staff have to wait for a long time to receive their uniform. High staff turnover rate! Management needs to change. The company treats its staff badly hence the reason why the loose many staff. 18 Sep 16 starstar half

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