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Auckland District Health Board
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The problem is bullying, and racial and other abuse of corpses. http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11856505 15 May 17 star

Auckland DHB has created an environment in which workplace bullying and workplace harassment such as yelling and/or arguing between staff and/or clients has become a normalised and acceptable behaviour. Workloads can be horrendous and employees get stressed and often take it out on others, including clients. No, I would not recommend working for them as they have some of the poorest practices and policies when it comes to resolving matters- if they find things too much of a problem, they can place disciplinary actions on employees to place further pressure on them to quit. If you complain, they can place a disciplinary action on you and choose not to resolve the problem but blame you for the problem for complaining in the first instance. They can do an internal investigation to build a case on you to have leverage against you if you stir up any problems in their eyes or try to take them to court. It is not a very healthy work culture as you seem to have no rights whatsoever- it is literally near slavery and can be abusive. NZ culture has no hotline or helpline to assist people in these matters as Aus now does. EAP services offered are generally not that good and limited to 3 appointments to discuss issues privately. Gagging clauses are typically the outcome when employees go through court processes. These processes are not always fair or just. Bias and discrimination are often not considered to be bias or discrimination- black can become white and white become black very interchangeably by their lawyers or legal advisors who often have direct connections to the courts. No matter what wrong someone has done, if they are liked or have been liked by their department, work colleagues or managers, they will protect or defend those staff at whatever cost, depending how well-liked or valuable they are. You will never receive an apology for their error, oversight or any abuse you have experienced no matter how much inconvenience or harm it may have or is causing you. If you are a passive person and can go along with things and do not get affected by injustices or seeing other people harmed, which may include clients or discrimination toward specific clients, then you will get on at the Auckland DHB. When in the interview process, ask the managers potentially hiring you, how they deal with employee or employee-client conflicts and what type of actions they take to resolve matters when they happen. This might give you a good indication about what you might be getting into, that is, if they are honest about these processes, which they may not be and they may not hire you for asking about them. On a scale from 1 to 10- 1 being the least dysfunctional workplace and 10 being the greatest dysfunctional workplace, I would give the Auckland DHB a 9 or 10 for sure, probably the worst DHB in NZ (followed by Waikato then Canterbury). Do a google search on bullying, workplace and DHB to prove my point. 27 Mar 17 starstar half

What a waste of my time: http://www.rightminds.nz/articles/auckland-dhb-spent-95k-values-workshops and a waste of taxpayer money. Absolutely not worth working for. 23 Mar 17 star

Non clinical leaders are top down with little consultation -imposing targets that they can understand and thus organise. Real indicators of clinical performance and patient outcome are less likely to be instigated when leaders in the DHB have no clinical background and do not understand medicine and nursing. There is abject lack of basic and essential supplies on the wards and nurses are run ragged with either no or little healthcare care assistant support. Who would imagine that a medical ward has no HCA support ? Nurses spend their breaks in dingy little break rooms with no cutlery, cups, spoons or even a tea bag. 18 Jan 17 starstar

300% increase in demand for mental health services but a decrease in staff over the same period adds up to what? http://www.radionz.co.nz/news/national/305802/mental-health-workers-struggling-to-cope from Radio New Zealand. 10 Jun 16 star

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